At 17, I’d choose a song, collect images from Google and put it all together on Windows Movie Maker with lyrics. They’re still on YouTube…

My IT teacher always said that I had quite an imagination so he told me to forget about data verification/validation and focus on getting my nonsensical thoughts on paper. That’s when I went on to study Media Writing at university.

After graduating, I found that I really enjoyed video production and screenwriting. I then completed a one-year filmmaking programme working on short documentaries and live events. My days of Windows Movie Maker are no more, I now use Adobe Premiere Pro.

I also set up an organisation called The Film Bunch. We run film events in London and our mission is to improve access for people with hearing loss, so we provide captions and sign language interpreters. Being partially deaf myself, I’m passionate about the need to provide accessible opportunities in the media industry and want to see captions used more widely.

I’m always interested in collaboration – shoot me a message if you’d like to do some work together!

Other stuff:

I do weekly filmmaking workshops for young people.

I doodle every now and then. Currently learning about animation!